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Everyone knows that the iPad has an unbeaten build quality, however the build quality doesn't always represent durability.

If your iPad is dropped, or damaged in another way this can ruin the performance of it. Sometimes leaving it unusable or even unsafe to use, because of the damaged caused. This can be something as simple as a slightly stiff home button or a completely smashed screen involving hundreds of tiny shards of glass.

The good news is that we are here to help, so if your or the surrounding area, just pop your details into the contact form on the left and our team will be in contact with you, providing you with a personalised quote based on your needs.

My iPad Volume Button Is Stuck.

Here at Repairs-4, we know how annoying it is to have a broken iPad, whether it's the screen that's smashed or the casing is bent so that the volume buttons are stuck in.

We realise just how frustrating it can be to have any faults with your iPad which is why were here to help you. No matter how big or small the fault is we're able to help you. 


How Our Repair Service Works

We have tried to make our iPad repair service as simple as possible for you.

Once you are happy with the quote you receive, and your iPad is in our repair center our engineer will get straight to work. Before any repair is carried out the engineer will thoroughly check your iPad over, this is just to check that all repairs ordered are correct and no additional ones are required. If there are any changes needed for the repair, we will be in contact with you and talk you through this. 

Once the engineer is happy with what is needed for the repair they will get straight to work removing the fault and replace it with a high quality replacement part. 
When the repair has been completed the engineer will re test your iPad making sure that the repair was a success, before sending it back home to you. 

Common iPad Faults or Damage

We've seen thousands of iPads come through our repair centre, for this reason we know what goes into them, what common faults happen with them and if they're repairable. Here's a few things that can go wrong:

  • Smashed Screen
  • Charging pins mashed up
  • Charging no longer works
  • Something Stuck in the headphone port
  • Headphones only play from one ear
  • Loudspeaker is crackly/stutters
  • Casing is bent by volume buttons
  • Display has weird colours

The above is just a few repairs the team based have been able to successfully repair. If your iPad requires a different repair we're still able to help you, just request a quote and will be in contact with you/

Apple make it fairly difficult to do home repairs on their products, mainly on devices such as the iPad mini which requires specialist tools and expertise to solder the touch screen controller onto the touch screen.

We're able to repair all members of the iPad family and provide support for the whole of including and the surrounding areas.

What's Next...


To find how to get you iPad repaired and how much it will cost simply fill out the form to the left. Please include what the model of your iPad is, what the fault is with your iPad and what's the best way to contact you on. The team wil then use all the information you provide and put together an personalised repair quote just for you. 


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