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Samsung offer one of the best Android tablets on the market, not only do they represent excellent value for money, they also offer a great eco-system which you can tailor to your needs with smart widgets such as calendar or weather.

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My Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Is Overheating

Whether you use your Samsung tablet for work or pleasure it's incredibly helpful for your day to day needs. However if the worse should happen and your Samsung tablet breaks it leaves you feeling a bit frustrated or perhaps annoyed. 

However it's nothing major to worry about, normally a simple repair is all that is needed to get it back up and running again.  

Our team are here to help you with your tablet repairs.

Not only do we offer a great repair service, we also provide warranty on all repairs carried out just for your own peace of mind. 


Samsung Tablet Repairs

Samsung released their first tablet in late 2010 which was an instant hit with a store full of apps and widgets it's easy to see why. 

Our repair center  we have everything needed ‚Äčin order to get your tablet up and runnning again in no time. 

How is it done?
Once you've received your quote, accepted to go ahead with the repair and your Samsung tablet is in our repair center. The engineer will get straight to work, before any repair is carried they will first put your tablet through thorough testing, checking for any faults that may occur with the Samsung tablet. This is just to double check that no additional repairs are needed. If any additional repairs are required we'll be in touch with you. 
Once this has been completed they will get to work on repairing your Samsung tablet for you. This will be done by removing the broken or faulty part and replacing it with a brand new top of the line replacement one. When the repair has been completed the enigineer will re-test your Samsung tablet double checking that the repair was a success. Once this is done the samsung tablet will be sent back to you. 

Common Samsung Tab Faults

Due to the light weight and portability of the Samsung's tablet range is quite susceptible to being dropped or bashed around by accident, thus causing the faults. Here's a few common faults that we've found to be troublesome, but quite a straightforward repair job for our based technicians.

  • Unresponsive, Smashed or Cracked touchscreens
  • System errors/faults
  • Bad Wi-Fi signal
  • Faulty headphone jack
  • Cameras not turning on or off
  • Cameras taking faulty pictures
  • Battery not holding its charge
  • Unresponsive or slow charging.
These are just a few of the more common faults that the team have been able to solve.If your Samsung tablet has a different fault, not to worry the team will still be able to help you. 

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If you're in a pickle over your damaged or faulty Samsung Tab all you need to do is fill in our form on the page with your Samsungs model, fault and your contact details.

A member of the team will then contact you and discuss with you the repair and will present you with the full quote on the repair and how to get your samsung tab into our repair centre. 


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